Drink Like a Bartender

March 29, 2017
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Drink like a bartender.
What do your favorite barkeeps drink? Read here to find out.

When they aren't working, bartenders love to visit their favorite watering holes. While they spend much of their own shifts shaking, stirring and straining cocktails, when out on the town mixologists sometimes prefer to keep things simple – a beer and a shot, or a glass of wine. Fernet, Amaro and Vieux Carré are popular go-to’s. Next time you’re looking for a beverage suggestion, ask your bartender what he or she drinks. You might be surprised by the answer.

When I am out, I really enjoy a Bulleit Rye Sazerac. At home I make Uncle Val's Gimlet. These are both classic cocktails, which some bartenders like to give a modern twist, but I prefer them just the way they are.

JOSH STRICKLAND Restaurant Orsay
After a long shift behind the bar and closing, a lot of places with cocktail programs aren't open near me. Leaving work at 1:30 doesn't leave a lot of time for you to drive and enjoy a beverage without being a rude guest and overstaying your welcome. That being said, a lot of bartenders I know are generally tired of making or tasting cocktails after a long night and want to unwind with friends over beers and shots (most typically Fernet or Amaro for the Orsay staff). If I get off early enough, I'll have my shift drink cocktail which is typically a classic (Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Daiquiri) and maybe a shot before I go to my local dive and rejoice with fellow coworkers in the victory of another night accomplished.

Mostly when I'm hanging out, I'm a beer and shot kind of person. But if I'm out to drink cocktails it's usually a Rum Old Fashioned using Marlin and Barrel Amber Rum, in particular. I've been playing around a lot with Marlin and Barrel rum because it's so local (Fernandina Beach) and delicious.

When I’m out on the town, I’m typically just a beer and a shot guy. Give me a local lager and a shot of Fernet Branca or Cynar 70, and I’m happy. I’m always looking at the menu though and typically gravitate toward gin or whiskey drinks. I love the classics: Old Fashioned, Vieux Carré, or a clean gin martini. When I’m at home it never gets too fancy. I love some gin on the rocks with a dash of orange bitters. Manifest Gin is my current pour at the house. My girlfriend and I each have our own bottles of Fernet (his & hers); this way we usually never run low. I do love to throw some Daiquiris together or maybe a late-night Vieux Carré. There is also always plenty of Veterans United Raging Blonde in the fridge.

GABBY SAUL Rue Saint-Marc
This is always the toughest question for me because I have so many answers. If I am staying at home and feel like making a drink it’s going to be a Manhattan. I'm a rye whiskey girl. If I don't feel like making a drink, I'm a sucker for a good glass of Spanish red wine. If I am out at a bar (a dive bar, of sorts) and shooting pool, I stick to good old American Budweiser plus a shot of Jack Daniels. Most likely, with my cowboy boots on. If I'm at a cocktail driven bar, I go for anything that sparks my interest. I don't stick to certain spirits. Being in my line of work, I need to try everything, as it helps me keep my palate at the top of its game. I look for something that I haven't seen done before, or if I've seen it, I try the bartender’s take on flavors.E

EMILY EVERSON Restaurant Orsay
It depends on my mood entirely. I really like ordering a classic Daiquiri - rum, sugar, lime. Simple and to the point. I also like a shot of whiskey and a Vieux Carré if I'm trying to start my night out with a bang. If I'm going to a friend's bar, I like to order one of the drinks they've worked hard to come up with on the menu and support my local creative bar scene.

After work, I always like to drink something bubbly (whatever prosecco or brut is the driest) with a shot of Fernet. On a night out, I’ll usually start with a cocktail, then I'll switch to wine and sip on Amoros or Chartreuse. I absolutely love trying different cocktails at new places. It's one of my favorite things to do. That being said, after a long night of work, I typically want something quick and easy on both me and my fellow bartender.

I'm a super easy drinker. I enjoy wine at home and an Old Fashioned or a beer plus a shot when out. Usually I'll gravitate toward Bells Two Hearted Ale if I see it and a shot of Fernet. Or whisky. If it's one item only while out, it's usually wine. Provence Rose is always a go-to. That, or old world reds. Cheers!

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