The Brunch Issue

Photography By Amy Robb | Last Updated January 26, 2018
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Sweet potato waffles and duck with egg
Chef Wes Noguiera puts perfection on a plate, and shares his recipe for readers to enjoy, in the Brunch Issue.

"Brunch, for me, is an extended breakfast that should be enjoyed whenever you have time properly to engage in cooking and eating."
– Yotam Ottolenghi

One of my first jobs in St. Augustine was at a popular local restaurant, where Saturday nights saw packed tables and copious amounts of adult beverages. Sunday mid-morning brought the brunch crowd, seeking filled-to-the-brim omelets, manna from heaven cinnamon rolls and a community setting to catch up on the previous evening’s escapades.

Over time this hybrid meal has grown in popularity, though good food and companionship are still hallmarks of the experience we call brunch. In an informal survey on social media, we collected some of the essential ingredients for a successful brunch: friends with whom to eat, a stellar wait staff and a chef who knows how to poach eggs, gal pals, a good coffee program and freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs (without them, it is just lunch), the quality of the hash browns, a Bloody Mary that doesn’t suck, migas and amigas (still looking for a local offering of migas, hint, hint) and mimosas. Correction: bottomless mimosas.

Like the meal itself, our Brunch Issue offers a little something for everyone. We explore why we love this weekend ritual (could it be the daytime drinking it encourages?). Speaking of cocktails, find out why some of your favorite brunch foods hit the spot after a night on the town. We go on an egg hunt for local sources of the incredible edible egg — it just may be in your own backyard. Wonder where you can find an egg-free brunch? We found some spots pleasing to both vegans and omnivores. If you prefer brunching in your pajamas, we suggest you do so at home and offer some recipes to try on lazy Sunday mornings. Adding some mimosas to the mix? Check our guide to sparkling wines and decide which goes best with your menu. Finally, what’s a celebration of brunch without an ode to bacon — did you know it has a patron saint?

Whether you dine at one of the many local establishments offering variations on the brunch theme or prefer to gather at home, we hope you take time to share meals and connect as a community over food. We love hearing from you, so be sure to tag us on social media @edibleneflorida.

Lauren TitusEditor



Why We Love Brunch

Brunch at Rue Saint marc in jacksonville
Brunch is more than a meal. Its an excuse to engage in conversation and build community.

A Cure for the Common Hangover

hungover graphic
Think your hair-of-the-dog mimosa will make you feel better after a night of indulgence? Science says, maybe not.

The Great Northeast Florida Egg Hunt

Chickens in a field at bethesda farms
Looking for local eggs? Here's why finding them might be harder than you think.

What's in Season

Beets with greens on gray background
Here's a list of local food you'll find in season throughout the year in Northeast Florida.

Coffee-Cured Duck and Sweet Potato Waffles

coffee cured duck and sweet potato waffles
Try this variation on the more familiar chicken and waffles for an at-home brunch celebration.

Pecan French Toast Casserole

Chef Scotty Schwartz and Pecan French Toast Casserole
Chef Scotty Schwartz is a master of seasonal Southern Brunch. Vary this crowd-pleasing dish by using seasonal fruit, like blueberries or peaches, in the sauce throughout the year.

Yaupon Tea

Native Yaupon holly tea illustration
Yaupon is the only plant native to North America known to contain caffeine.

Backyard Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop owner with Chicken and coop
Local eggs can be found as close as your own backyard! Here's how.

Bacon Bits

10 things you never knew you wanted to know about bacon.

Brunch Without Borders

Fogo de Chao Jacksonville Bar
Head south of the border for international brunch flavors. No passport needed.

Brunch and Brew: Perfect Pairings

Beer and egg toast
If beer isnt the first drink you think of when you think of brunch, think again.

Grits Nation

A brief history and the cultural significance of our beloved Southern tradition.

Glorious Grapefruit

grapefruit on blue background
Grapefruit is an abundant winter fruit in Florida and whether grilled, baked, juiced or eaten raw, it adds a tangy zest to any meal.

Grapefruit Salad

grapefruit salad on blue background
White, yellow, pink or red, grapefruit is a refreshing addition to your meals.

Brunch Essentials

Illustrated Brunch Graphics
Want to know more about local brunch trends? In their own words, we get the dish from local chefs.

A Guide to Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines
All champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is champagne.

Gluten-Free Orange-Cranberry Bread

gluten free orange cranberry loaves
Make these slightly sweet mini loaves as a gluten-free option on your next brunch menu. (Bonus? Leftover cranberry mustard!)

You Say Frittata, I Say Quiche

Frittata, Quiche, Spanish Tortilla, Egg Pies
You cant go wrong with any one of these easy-to-make weekend egg dishes.

Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla Recipe
Be sure to use the amount of olive oil noted to ensure this egg and potato dish slides out of pan.

Beast-Free Brunch

Vegan Brunch at German Schnitzel Haus Jacksonville
Think your weekend brunch couldn't possibly be complete without bacon and eggs? Think again.
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