Brunch and Brew: Perfect Pairings

Photography By Wesley Parsons | January 30, 2018
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Beer and egg toast
A light, refreshing lager goes surprisingly (refreshingly!) well with avocado and egg on toast.

If beer isnt the first drink you think of when you think of brunch, think again. Below we showcase 10 beers you're bound to find in the region -- and a few bits on why they pair so perfectly with your favorite weekend brunch plate. 


Cigar City Jai Alai IPA



Breakfast Pizza paired with Cigar City Jai Alai IPA
The hops in this IPA will add an additional kick to any breakfast sausage served on a pizza as well as strip the tongue of fattiness left behind by the egg. The malty backbone is a nice complement to sweet tomatoes and bready crust.

Bold City Dukes Cold Nose Brown Ale



Chilaquiles paired with Bold City Dukes Cold Nose Brown Ale
The nutty notes of this brown ale add to the corn tortilla flavors of this dish while the sweet malt backbone helps cool any of the spice from the peppers.

Victory Prima Pils



Croque-Monsieur paired with Victory Prima Pils
This hoppy pilsner provides a nice contrast to the salty ham and creamy Gruyère while cleansing the palate of the buttery crust.

Boulevard Tank 7 Saison



Eggs Benedict paired with Boulevard Tank 7 Saison
Velvety hollandaise sauce and runny yolks are the stars of this classic brunch dish, so you need a beverage that can stand up to those rich flavors and cleanse the palate. The light, effervescent body and dry, minerally finish of the saison cuts through the fatty richness of the dish, while the beer’s nuances of white pepper, whole nutmeg, clove, ginger and orange zest are a spicy counterpart.

Founders Breakfast Stout



Biscuits & Gravy paired with Founders Breakfast Stout
Ditch the coffee and fill that mug with beer. Like its name implies, Founders Breakfast Stout is a true breakfast beer and a perfect match for the dish that defines brunch in the South. The huge roasted coffee notes complement the richness of the sausage gravy.


Engine 15 904 Weissguy



Quiche paired with Engine 15 904 Weissguy
The clove and bright citrusy notes of this Bavarian-style hefeweizen make it a perfect match for custardy eggs in a quiche.

Stillwater On Fleek Imperial Stout



French Toast paired with Stillwater On Fleek Imperial Stout
The bold, roasty flavors of the stout, including espresso, dark chocolate and vanilla bean, marry seamlessly with the dish’s dense, eggy bread, sweet baking spice dusting and syrup. The stout keeps the palate refreshed, despite the heaviness of the dish and creamy texture of the brew.

Goose Island Halia



Omelet paired with Goose Island Halia
The beer version of a bellini, Halia is a farmhouse ale aged in chardonnay barrels while resting on Georgia peaches. The tartness and effervescence are a nice contrast to the creaminess of the egg, while the sweetness of the peaches invite you to have another bite.

Wynwood Brewing Pop’s Porter



Grillades paired with Wynwood Brewing Pop’s Porter
A full-flavored dish deserves an equally full-flavored beer. This porter stands up to the Creole flavors found in grillades (often served with gravy) while adding a stark contrast to the creaminess of the grits.


Stiegl Radler



Bagel and Lox paired with Stiegl Radler
The lager base of this beer complements the lox while the grapefruit citrus is a nice contrast to any cream cheese schmear.

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