Local Pear Season is Now

Ginger Apple Pear Pie

This delicious pie works with either a lattice or solid top crust. Either way, you won’t have leftovers for long!

Datil Ginger Peach Ice Cream Sandwich

The ultimate treat to beat the heat? An ice cream sandwich! It’s easy to make at home using your favorite flavors of ice cream and cookies. Need some ...

Fresh Fig Preserves

A simple and basic preserve to amplify one of our region's most delicious summer jewels, fresh figs! This recipe comes from Juniper Market in St. Augu...

A Stack of Southern Fish Meals

Try this stack with fresh, local wahoo, grouper or triggerfish when in season. Swap out greens and use mustard, collard or kale, depending on when the...

A Stack of Meals with Lentils

Lentils don't require soaking before using, so it is easy to cook up a pot of these legumes in a short amount of time. These recipes make a great addi...

A Stack of Meals with Salmon

These meals may look fancy, but they are easy to prepare, packed with flavor and nutritious - perfect for busy week day dinners.   ********...


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